Gold coins, coins, and gold medals for 2018

A new breed of coins and gold medal are popping up in Australia.

Read moreRead lessThe first coin, the gold medal, has arrived at Perth Mint, and will soon be available in Singapore, which is also looking to diversify its offerings.

“We’ve got a very, very large amount of gold medals being minted in Singapore this year, and I think that speaks volumes to the demand for gold medals,” Mr Sneddon said.

“It speaks volumes that they’re a very sought after commodity, and it’s a bit of a different market.”

The gold medal has a diameter of 4.5mm and a weight of about 50 grams.

“The design of the medal is very distinctive,” Mr Smith said.”[It’s] a very elegant design, and the size of the coin is not very large for a gold medal.”‘

It’s just the right size’The gold coins are produced in China, but the Australian Mint is only one of many mints around the world producing them.

The coins have been available for sale since March.

“What we have to do is, obviously, find the right supplier for us,” Mr Tullock said.

“And the good news is that we are in good contact with the suppliers.”

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Golden Eagle coin sold for $10 million in Arizona

A new Golden Eagle Coin has sold for a cool $10million in Arizona.

The gold coin, created by a man in Taiwan, was struck by the Chinese mint.

It’s the first gold coin to sell for that price in a decade, and it’s a rarity in the US.

The coin has a silver reverse and the obverse shows a eagle soaring through the sky, and the inscription “The golden eagle is a symbol of hope, prosperity and peace” written in Chinese.

A silver version was struck for a sale in New York, and there is also a gold coin.

It comes at a time of rising prices for American coins, with a record $2,600 being struck for the coin in January.