Gold coin price to hit $1,200 next week

We’re now entering the second quarter of the year and gold is trading at a record high of $1.2127 per ounce.

That’s up a bit from the $1 per ounce price last week and the $990 per ounce it hit in mid-January.

The gold price is also higher than its all-time high reached in mid January, when gold hit $10,800 per ounce and then traded at around $10.800 per unit.

It’s still the second highest gold price ever, after the high of a record $15,000 per ounce in late November.

Gold’s also at the highest level in the history of the currency.

Gold hit a record of $1034.28 per ounce on July 3, 2015.

That was the same day that a global recession struck, and gold prices fell sharply.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed at 23,742.26, which is currently the highest close since July 5, 2010.

Gold has been a favorite among investors over the past year, and it’s trading above $1K per ounce, which has led to some speculation it could break $1 trillion.

That would be a new high for gold, which hit $13,826.75 per ounce during the financial crisis, and $18,637.24 per ounce at the peak of the bubble.

However, gold has been at the lower end of this bull market.

Its been hovering around $1 million per ounce since July of last year.

Gold, silver and platinum have all recently been trading above a certain level, but gold has remained the most valuable of the precious metals.

In fact, gold’s market cap is now $7.5 trillion.

Gold’s also the only silver and one of the four major platinum metals that’s been trading in a positive range for a while.

Gold and silver are all commodities that people buy and sell at a profit, but they also trade at a price.

Gold is the only precious metal that trades at a negative price, meaning that people are willing to pay for gold at a premium.

Gold coins are a great way to diversify your wealth

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