What you need to know about the world’s top dogs in finance

By now, you’ve probably seen a photo of the top dogs of the world on Instagram.

And now, Forbes has compiled their top 10 dog-of-the-week list, featuring the names of 12 of the biggest investors, analysts, and billionaires in the world. 

We’ve compiled the top 10 of these names in a sort of “dog-of the week” format.

So take a look at these names and then vote for your favorite in the poll.

And for all the dogs, there are plenty of other dogs, too.

So if you want to dig deeper into the data, you can read the full story at Forbes.com.

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In other words, you’re going to be seeing some interesting dog stories over the coming year.

So let’s get to it. 1. 

David Einhorn is a dog who knows his way around a house.


Mark Cuban’s dog is a little like an angel.


Raphael is a good listener, but not necessarily a dog person.


Cameron, the dog who can make you cry.


Lionel Messi’s dogs are like a couple of siblings.


Alex Rodriguez’s dogs will make you laugh, but they’ll also make you think.


Michael Kors’ dogs are also the best at getting into your head.


Kevin Spacey’s dog, Boo, has a secret.


Ryan Braun’s dogs can be the most mischievous of the bunch.


The most powerful dogs are the ones who get along with the least.