Star Wars Battlefront 2: Battle for Endor – PS4 review

The second installment in the Star Wars saga returns to the game’s classic Battlefront universe in the latest iteration of the game.

The first Battlefront was released in 2016, and this year’s game is a sequel to the first, but it does take place in the same galaxy as the first Battle of Endor, in which the Rebellion’s Darth Vader and the First Order’s Kylo Ren defeated the Empire.

The Battlefront II: Battle For Endor picks up six years after the events of the first game and introduces players to new characters and a new multiplayer mode.

This time around, the player controls Luke Skywalker, who’s a rebel pilot who’s trying to get to the Battle of the Endor in order to stop the First Empire. 

Battlefront II’s multiplayer is split into two different modes.

The multiplayer mode is called Starfighter Battle, and players can choose to play as a squadron of four Starfighters, or a squad of two, as well as an entire squadron.

You can choose whether or not to team up with other players online, and there’s a total of four players online at once, but the game doesn’t allow for a single-player campaign.

You’ll have to fight other players in matches, and you can also choose to have a friend join your party for multiplayer battles.

In the multiplayer mode, there’s no real difference between single- or multiplayer-player gameplay, as both players are just controlling one or more of the ships that they control.

The game does have some modes that you can choose from, but they’re limited to just one player controlling a specific starfighter, and each of the modes only features a single round of combat. 

Starfighter Battle is a lot more exciting than Star Wars: Battlefront 1, but I found that there’s still a lot of things to get used to.

The controls feel a bit clunky for my taste, but with a lot less lag. 

The campaign is also a lot different than the first.

You don’t get a single mission to complete, instead you have to go through five “layers” of missions, which you can then complete in any order.

You have a limited number of points to spend in each of these levels, and the higher you score in each level, the more points you’ll earn for each level.

There are also various other modes that allow you to fight in different kinds of battles, including team battles, which is one of the most fun things about Star Wars. 

One thing that’s been really helpful about the campaign is that it doesn’t just offer you five different options for what to do at the end of each mission, it also offers you a lot.

The more missions you complete, the better your score will be.

The campaign also has a tutorial mode that will teach you how to play the game, which will help you learn the mechanics of the Battlefront multiplayer mode and eventually get the hang of the single- and multiplayer-based multiplayer gameplay.

There’s also a new “Story Mode” mode that teaches you a few new things about the story of the First Alliance, as opposed to the “Story” mode of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which taught you everything about the Rebel Alliance. 

Finally, there are two multiplayer modes that are completely new to Battlefront: Starfighter Assault and Starfighter Siege.

The primary difference between the two modes is that in Starfighter Mode, the game offers you more powerups, and in Starfighters Siege, you can’t buy powerups at the start of the mission.

The main difference between Starfighter Battles and Starfighters Assault is that the player who has more points in their Starfighter Squad wins.

Starfighter Versus is another new mode that offers you two types of missions.

The player who takes on the most missions wins, but there’s also another side to the match.

You fight your way through waves of enemies, using your abilities to defeat enemies and defeat your opponent.

In Starfighter Clash, players fight against their own team in Star Fighter Battle and in Battle for the Five Suns, players battle against each other in Star Fighters Assault. 

Overall, Battlefront is a good game, and it’s the first Star Wars game that I actually like playing.

It has a lot going for it, and with all of the cool features that Star Wars has to offer, I’m definitely going to be playing more of these games in the future.