Cryptocurrency challenge coins to be ‘crypto-cash’ next year

Cryptocurrencies are already making their way into the mainstream, and now it seems that one of the world’s first coins to make the leap is being eyed for mainstream adoption.

Coin Master, the company behind the CoinMasters challenge coins and other digital currencies, announced in a blog post on Wednesday that it will launch a new coin, Coin Master 3, later this year.

The coin will be a coin that uses the blockchain technology developed by CoinMaster to offer a different type of payment solution to merchants and consumers.

The company said it will be offering a new digital currency called Coin Master Coin to help people “enjoy and accept the benefits of the digital economy.”

It will also be an “all-inclusive payment option” that will allow merchants to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment, along with their own digital currencies as well.

The announcement came in response to questions about CoinMaster’s plans to launch a digital currency.

A spokesperson for Coin Master did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

CoinMakers has been busy working on new digital currencies over the past year.

In January, it announced the launch of a cryptocurrency called Ether, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was designed to make it easy for businesses and individuals to accept payment from other people without any third-party intervention.

A few months later, CoinMaker unveiled a new payment system called the Token Economy, a way to provide payments to companies that want to be involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

CoinMaker and its competitors have also worked on a variety of other projects, including the BitLicense, an international standard for cryptocurrency exchanges.

This year, CoinMaker announced that it had launched, an exchange that would allow users to trade cryptocurrencies for traditional currencies.

Coin is currently offering trading and investment services, according to the CoinMaker website.